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“9″ (09, 09, 2009 Hollywood) Movie Review Trailer
[Image: 9_movie_photo_02-535x300.jpg]
[Image: 9finalposter_150.jpg]

Runtime : 1hr 19min
Genre: Sci-Fi
Releases: September 9, 2009
Director: Shane Acker
Distributor: Focus Features
Starring: Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover
Synopsis : Academy Award-nominated for his groundbreaking animated short of the same name, filmmaker Shane Acker makes his feature directorial debut with this expanded version of his acclaimed post-apocalyptic fable. In a world parallel to our own, the worst has happened, and humanity is in danger of extinction. From the ashes of destruction emerges a courageous rag doll named 9 (voice of Elijah Wood) whose unique leadership skills could prove the key to survival for those who have not yet perished. Perhaps with a little help from his friends, who include domineering war veteran 1 (voice of Christopher Plummer), aging inventor 2 (voice of Martin Landau), stout mechanic 5 (voice of John C. Reilly), visionary artist 6 (voice of Crispin Glover), and fearless warrior 7 (voice of Jennifer Connelly), 9 will prove capable of salvaging what still remains of this world, and laying the groundwork for a hopeful future. Produced by Tim Burton, Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Night Watch), and Jim Lemley (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), 9 takes viewers on a surrealistic journey into a world where anything is possible


Ok..................thanks !
is a rag-doll who wakes up after a war between humans and machines that
has devastated the world and wiped out humanity.He later meets a group
of surviving rag-dolls and he tries to convince them to save 2.9 and 5
go to save 2, but they accidentally awaken a machine known as
Brain.After they escape the dreaded machine, Brain hatches a scheme to
build machines and hunt down the remaining rag-doll survivors.

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