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Facing Withdrawal Symptoms
Quitting smoking is a challenging task. It is particularly difficult due to the addictive nature of nicotine. The cravings for cigarettes remain till all the nicotine is not flushed out of the body. But nicotine withdrawal is a short phase and passes quickly. It becomes easy to face the symptoms if one is already prepared for it and knows what to expect.

One must never forget the reasons why he is quitting. The quitter can write down the reasons and read them whenever there is an urge to smoke,

During the early days of quitting [url=]Cigarette addiction[/url] the withdrawal symptoms are stronger and the thought of ‘just one more cigarette’ occurs to the mind occasionally. Addiction has a stronger hold emotionally than physically. One must be prepared for the mental chatter. He must understand that this is a part of the recovery from addiction and not allow it to throw you into addiction again.

Once the physical withdrawals are over the triggers shift over to mental associations. Man gets used to smoking at particular situations like driving or having coffee. One must be careful of such situations as they tempt him to smoke again. With careful study and practice one can easily break the habits and create new ones.

A strong support from the people around the quitter is very important. Family and friends must co-operate and should not create any situation which would compel the quitter to smoke. Their support and help is of utmost importance throughout the quitting process.

Each single day that is passed without cigarettes is an achievement as it strengthens the resolve to quit smoking. One must reward oneself by doing something that he likes for example watching a movie, reading a book etc.

It is very important to bring positive thoughts into the mind and direct it towards achieving the goal. Numerous thoughts cross the human mind in a day most of which are negative. One needs to consciously change them into positive thoughts.

Finally it is very important that a quitter is patient and gives himself time to heal and come out of this vicious habit.


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