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Some Advices...
Sweet things are easy to buy, But sweet people are difficult to find.

Life ends when you stop dreaming.

Hope ends when you stop believing.

Love ends when you stop caring.

Freindship ends when you stop sharing.

So share this with whom ever you consider a friend.

To love without condition, To talk without intension.

To give without reason and to care without expectation is the heart of a true relation.

Ability can never hide..!

Life is a game, try to win it..!

No injury deeper than insult..!

The birth of tension is the death of talent..!

No sound is this world is more louder than silence..!

If someone can't understand your silence they wont understand your words either,

Well Wisher,
Lifestyle is often a video game, try and earn the idea..!
Simply no personal injury greater than offend..!
This birth connected with strain would be the death connected with skill..!
Simply no appear will be this particular entire world will be additional more louder than stop..!

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