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Beautiful Art Mehandi ... for girls [36 Designs]
BeaUtiful Art Mehandi ......4gals

Henna also known as Mehandi has been used to decorate young women's bodies as part of marriage celebrations from ancient time say, it is about 5000 years old tradition. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews etc. in their marriage ceremonies decorate the bride with Henna. it is popular in pakistan and india.

It is used in sacred and ritualistic ceremonies not just in India but also gained popularity in other parts of the world as a beautiful art. The night of Henna is celebrated by most groups in Middle East countries and Asia-pacific region where henna is grown naturally with hot and dry weather conditions.

Mehandi art or henna is a temporarily done on the body with naturally prepared paste. Henna paste is used on different occasion of religious festivals, wedding ceremonies etc. It can be used as natural medium instead of real tattoo designs. Here are some wonderful pictures of henna art most of them being the Arabic designs.

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns21wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns20wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns22wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns23wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns24wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns25wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns26wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns27wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns28wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns29wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns30wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns33wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns34wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns35wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns36wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns37wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns38wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns39wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns01wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns02wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns03wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns04wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns05wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns06wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns07wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns08wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns09wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns10wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns11wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns12wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns13wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns14wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns15wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns16wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns18wm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: hennadesigns19wm.jpg][/URL]

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