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Get Rid of Curly Hair
Your curly hair is just like your boyfriend/girlfriend. You need to take care of it and give it utmost importance. If you don't take extra effort to make the relationship more beautiful each day, it won't take too long before you grow tired of it. The same is true with your curly hair. If you don't take good care of it, expect it to freeze anytime soon.

When you have curly hair, you need to look after it properly to stop it from getting dry and frizzy. If you have the patience, then you can blow dry it straight everyday, or use straightening iron for maintenance. If you indeed choose this path, then you have to take special care of your hair to keep it well conditioned and protected from the heat.

Living With Curls :

If you think that it is just too much of a hassle and you just want to adapt to your curls, then get a hairstylist who can help you decide on what style you should wear. A good stylist knows what hairstyle is easy to maintain. Choose one that does not need a lot of styling especially, if you have to go early to the office or to school. Easy-to-maintain hairstyles are also less likely to frizz.

Layered hairstyles are good for curly hair, but make sure that your hairdresser does not use razor to create the layers. Layers made with razors encourage split ends. Do you want to go back to the salon every two weeks just to get rid of your hair's dead ends? If you don't trim your hair on a regular basis, then expect your hairstyle to lose its shape.

Washing Curly Hair :

Your stylist may have told you that having curly hair does not require everyday washing since the natural oils are needed to have the frizz at bay --- there is nothing wrong with that. Still, not everyone is comfortable getting out of the house with unwashed hair so you may want to just wet your hair a little and then apply some conditioner on it before you leave the house.

Washing your curly hair everyday is not a bad thing. It only becomes dangerous if, after washing your hair, you make it a point to dry it with a blow dryer. Heated tools designed for your crowning glory will damage your hair, so it is better to just choose a good moisturizer to rid your hair of frizz and give your curls better definition.

Bye Bye Frizzy Hair :

The truth is, before you get rid of your curly hair, you should consider getting rid of frizzy hair. If you've tried this already and it didn't work, you may have followed the wrong techniques for getting rid of frizzy hair.

Keep frizzy hair at bay before finally deciding to say goodbye to your curls. First, do not comb your curly hair when it is dry. This doesn't mean that you should never make an effort to look good. Looking good is possible even without combing your hair. Instead of using a comb, use your fingers. Run them through your hair. If you have to use a comb, you should at least use the ones with wide teeth.

Wearing hairstyling products is also a good idea, but make sure that you use the product recommended by your hairstylist or by other users who have tried the product. Go for hairstyling products with little build up because any residue left will make your hair dry and more difficult to maintain.

The Anti-Curl Process :

What if you have finally decided to get rid of your curly hair? No more anti-frizz products. No more leave-in conditioners. No more wide-toothed combs. No more excuses.

If you are more than willing to sit in a salon for one whole hour, then you can go through the anti-curl process --- a technique designed to relax your curls. Once your curls are relaxed, your frizz will go away. For males, the anti-curl process is the ideal technique when it comes to taming your waves.

The baby curls are cut back, helping you get rid of the Afro-weed look. Aside from that, the anti-curl process leaves your hair with just enough wave body to make your crowning glory look natural.

If the anti-curl process does not appeal to you, why not try these alternatives instead?

Styling Products May Be a Big Help -- Styling products can only do so much. They are effective when it comes to styling your hair, but these are not designed to help you get rid of curls. Try using products that straighten your hair.

You can visit your nearest local department store to get some instant hair straightening products. To achieve best results, blow dry your hair while brushing it. If this doesn't work, then use your favorite hairstyling product and apply another hair straightener this time.

Keep It Short -- Cutting your hair is not enough because you will have to keep it that way. Learn to live with a short style from now on. Very short strands lack space to curl up, so expect your short hair to look straight, or maybe just wavy. Once your hair grows a little longer, you will notice that the strands will start to curl up. Sure, you can use a straightening iron everyday, but you can't trust tools that damage the quality of your beautiful hair.

Be Happy With What You Have :

Hair straightening may be the most recommended technique these days but in the long run, it won't do you any good. Having naturally curly hair is a blessing and straightening it can ultimately damage your hair. The chemicals alone can torture the strands of your crown.

In case you haven't noticed already, a growing number of people have resorted to maintaining curly hair because its beauty cannot be denied. Maybe the only reason why you think your hair looks bad is because you haven't done anything for your hair's natural beauty to come out.
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Well, a great tip is carrying lotion in your purse. Lightly rub some lotion on your hands and smooth it onto the hair. Use very little - just enough to add a bit of moisture to your hair. Another good tip is before you style your hair make sure you use a leave-in conditioner on your hair as well as a bit of styling serum to give your hair a bit of moisture so it can withstand any dry air or static that it may encounter once you leave the house.

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Well one great idea would be after you go for a head wash, use serum in your hair while your hair is dripping wet.
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