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'Wake Up Sid': Young n' fresh!! (2009 bollywood)
'Wake Up Sid' is a slice of life film.

[Image: 4d4b18db2bd546fef588d8b.jpg]

Recall those years when partying hard was the only agenda on your list. Recall those years when staying awake at nights, chatting away with friends became a habit. Recall those years when bunking college and sneaking into movie halls was more exciting than books. Recall those years when you were completely clueless and aimless about the vocation you wanted to pursue once you graduated... That indecisive phase when you were hesitant to take that first big step in life can never be erased from your memory.

'Wake Up Sid', directed by debutante Ayan Mukerji, is like revisiting those years that lay at some remote corner of your mind, after you moved on in life.

The movie has also been told most realistically, so much so that you can't help but draw parallels with your life or with someone you know. But what really makes 'Wake Up Sid' most believable is Ranbir Kapoor, who's mastered the craft at such a young age.

'Wake Up Sid' mirrors those years with flourish. This one's a simple story that strikes a chord instantly. Strongly recommended!

[Image: df5528b7d64411af342cb26.jpg]

Let's not compare 'Wake Up Sid' with anything you've watched before. Not 'Dil Chahta Hai'. Not 'Lakshya' either. Debutante director Ayan Mukerji narrates a story that you can relate to instantly and treats it with utmost care. A few moments linger in your memory and evoke bitter-sweet memories.

The first hour, right till the intermission, sweeps you off your feet. You get drawn into Sid's world instantaneously; you react to everything he does. But the post-interval portions slackens, courtesy the writing. The Rahul Khanna track, for instance, looks half-baked. Also, the story stagnates after a point and hence, the pacing gets very slow. It's only towards the finale that things perk up. Ideally, the film could've done with some trimming in this hour.

Ayan Mukerji packs in a solid punch in most parts of the film. The emotional moments especially gets you all moist-eyed. The humour too is well integrated in the sequences. Even the confrontation between the father and son is superb. Prior to that Konkona's birthday sequence is amongst the finest sequences of the film. Music [Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy] is melodious. Anil Mehta's cinematography is top notch. Niranjan Iyengar's dialogues are just right.

[Image: ca1ebfb44414f2836e9b52b.jpg]

cinema is finally coming of age with established banners taking chances
with new age directors & relevant themes. Wake up Sid is one such
attempt. The movie opens with a last minute study routine that all of us
have gone through some time of the other. The film connects with you
from then on.
is also very inspiring to know that the entire film is shot in Mumbai -
it is a story about Mumbai and Ayan adds a beautiful underlying subplot
about the city, its character and its weather. Anil Mehta has done an
amazing job capturing Mumbai on screen.

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