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Stunning double decker trains around the world

[Image: 13rail1.jpg][Image: blank.gif]
Bilevel cars or double decker trains are a blessing for travelers as they help in increasing passenger capacity.

While longer trains need longer stations, double decker trains can accommodate more people at one time and as a result have more frequency of services.

Image: Dutch bilevel train at Amsterdam station.

[Image: 13rail2.jpg][Image: blank.gif]
For cost and safety, this design also minimises car height (loading gauge) and lowers the centre of gravity.

Image: IC 2000 between Zurich and Luzern.


[Image: 13rail3.jpg][Image: blank.gif]
The E4 series is a high-speed Shinkansen train type operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in Japan.

They were the second series of completely bi-level Shinkansen train sets to be built in Japan.

Image: E4 series Shinkansen.

[Image: 13rail4.jpg][Image: blank.gif]
Nippon Sharyo formed in 1896 is a major rolling stock manufacturer based in Nagoya.

Image: A Nippon Sharyo bi-level passenger car operated by Caltrain.

[Image: 13rail5.jpg][Image: blank.gif]
The types of double-decker train in Italy are: Vivalto, TAF and TSR.

Image: Italian bilevel train TSR at Milan Affori station.

[Image: 13rail6.jpg][Image: blank.gif]
In 1964, Tulloch built the first double-decker trailer cars for use in Sydney. They operated with single deck electric motor cars.

Image: Interior of a City Rail Waratah carriage in Sydney.

[Image: 13rail7.jpg][Image: blank.gif]
The Superliner is a double decker passenger car used by Amtrak on long haul trains.

Image: Train lounge car converted from Superliner.

[Image: 13rail8.jpg][Image: blank.gif]
The initial cars were built by Pullman-Standard in the late 1970s and a second order was built in the mid 1990s by Pullman's successor, Bombardier Transportation.

Image: Superliner Lounge.
absolutely stunning

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