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Headaches and the surprising causes
Headaches and the surprising causes

Mobile phones

[Image: E82389CBBB04D6D3416B9179C8FE8.jpg]

We've all heard that the radiation from our mobile phones can be a cause for headaches but while you may not use your phone to make long calls you can still be in danger of severe headaches and eye strain. With smartphones becoming widely used to do everything from checking emails to reading books and watching TV shows, the small screens are putting our eyes under great strain.

Dr Mark Rosenfeld, a researcher from New York State University College of Optometry, explains that phone graphics and the small font size can lead to more strenuous eye focus, and thus more likely to lead to headaches and eye fatigue.

Lack of sleep

[Image: 132C3FFB5AF25D30E2C9E6609F955B.jpg]

Missing those vital hours of sleep each night can be cause for headaches.
Over 1,200 migraine sufferers were tested in a study at the Headache Center of Atlanta where they found that those who slept for about six hours a night were more likely to suffer from more frequent and severe headaches than those who had more sleep.
'Lack of sleep causes levels of the brain chemical serotonin - which plays an important role in the body's sleep cycle - to lower, which brings on the pain,' says Giles Elrington, a neurologist at the Barts and The London NHS Trust and trustee of the London Migraine Clinic.
High heels

[Image: F0B17AE8C5A13A49B3A8D059277BA0.jpg]

While there may not be any scientific or biological evidence that wearing high heels can trigger a migraine, some female sufferers have noted that the strain of wearing heels may play a part in launching an attack.

Dr Jane Andersen, a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, has said that 'muscular tension that heels put on your back can lead to migraines. But there aren't any studies proving this link.' She added that wearing heels that are higher than two inches can affect your body's alignment, putting pressure on both the back and on the balls of the feet which could cause physical strain leading to headaches.


[Image: 1FEE3C1F3BC425567636D62A9189.jpg]

The ponytail is great when you're having a bad hair day but be careful not to pull your hair back too tightly or you could be in for a mega headache. A tight ponytail or even plaits and headbands can strain the connective tissue in the scalp causing pain.

[Image: 3137F96EF1CCCA8BF8EECF62AFC862.jpg]

Known as 'exertion headaches', the banging pain in your head that comes on within moments of you heading out for a jog could be down to the exercise itself.
Michael Gross, a neurologist and clinical director at Clementine Churchill Hospital, Middlesex, says 'any type of physical exertion, such as jogging or pounding a treadmill, causes blood vessels in the head, neck and scalp to swell, producing a build-up in pressure.'
If you do suffer from this kind of headache when you hit the treadmill then you could try a form of exercise that isn't as strenuous, such as swimming or yoga.


[Image: CBD5CA28762C592977F9B6DCB24E.jpg]

We've all heard the common excuse for not having sex is a headache but did you know that climaxing itself can lead to one? Although quite rare thise type of headache is known as a coital headache, where sharp pain in the head occurs almost instantaneously at the moment of orgasm.
Studies at the Clinic of Neurology in Riiskov, Denmark, found that these headaches affect men more than women. 'Ironically they are more common in those having sex with a casual partner,' says neurologist Michael Gross adding that this is 'probably because the excitement is greater.'

[Image: 4C4B947EF618C29519ACB5C977E362.jpg]

Food triggers are notorious for bringing on a migraine and it might surprise you to know that ham is one of them. Ham contains tyramine, which is a compound known as an amine found in many foods, produced from the natural breakdown of the amino acid, tyrasine. Tyramine can cause blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow to the brain, triggering headaches. Foods high in tyramine include anything aged, dried, fermented, salted, smoked or pickled. So if you find that your headaches occur once you've indulged in cheese or some processed meat then it would be wise to cut them from your diet to curb the headaches.

A trip to the hairdressers

[Image: B6D464E7B83D5E4F8D35FF1E21F743.jpg]

It's a treat to many but a trip to the hairdressers could leave you with a headache. Having your hair washed lying back over a basin puts your neck in an awkward position which stimulates one of the nerves that activates the trigemino-cervical neurovascular pathway bringing on a dull headache that could last a couple of days.

[Image: DD2B562B3CE5F521ABCD8154CB2C9.jpg]

Strong odours, like those from perfume, activate the nose's nerve cells, this in turn stimulates the nerve system associated with head pain causing headaches to those with a strong sense of smell. 'Ironically, the offending scents are often pleasant', says Vincent Martin, MD, a headache specialist at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.


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