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After Marriage!
[Image: JF20D.jpg]

Strange things happen after marriage for that is when you realize what you never did. His smelly feet and her snoring become bothersome while smiles and sex disappear through the window, literally. Here are 15 strange things that happen after marriage.

Have you ever noticed how happy unmarried couples are? Well, after marriage, strange things happen, or let me say after the honeymoon. And take note that the honeymoon may last for 44 years and then bang, everything goes haywire; remember Al Gore and his wife. Have you noticed any of these strange happenings?
1. Humor disappears – His or her humor becomes stale and you no longer feel like laughing but have to force yourself to, so that he or she doesn’t appear awkward.

2. Walking hand in hand ceases – It’s only after marriage, when the honeymoon is over that holding hands feels out of place and one of you has to walk behind the other.

3. You need space – Remember how separable you were when dating, remember how you missed each other, now that you are married, it seems perfect that you be left alone for some time, you need space!

4. She can not cook – It is only after the honeymoon that you notice she can’t cook and feel like eating out whenever she cooks your favorite meal or come home already fool!

5. Cooking becomes her job – It is only after marriage that cooking becomes her job and surfing through the TV channels his obsession, so much that it gets onto everyone’s nerves.
6. His feet smell so bad – Before marriage, you never seemed to mind the smell but now that the honeymoon is over, you can’t stand the smell of his feet!

7. You need a spare bedroom – When dating, a single bed room is just what you need but when married believe me, the guest room becomes necessary for those times when none of you can stand each other.

8. Drinking becomes a problem – Remember the days when you never minded how much he or she drinks but now that the honeymoon is over, you won’t be able to stand his or her drinking!

9. There wasn’t mine – When dating, you used our but after marriage; the term got replaced with mine when you should be one. Strange, right?

10. Planning together becomes a thing of the past – What happens to the synchronized plans you have before marriage? Well after the honeymoon ends, reality dawns and each makes her own plans to avoid joint quarrels.
# Snoring becomes a bother – You never realized he or she snores like a train but now that you spend every night together, you can’t stand the snoring. Strange, isn’t it?

# Sex disappears – Do you remember the days when sex wasn’t enough? Well, after the honeymoon, sex is no longer spontaneous and sometimes disappears altogether.

# Talking becomes nagging – Before marriage, she was a great conversationalist, but now after marriage the talking is no longer talking but becomes nagging instead and you realize how loud mouthed she is.

# Friends become excess baggage – You never minded the company he or she keeps but now that the honeymoon is over, they piss you off to the point of death. You know what I mean.

# She becomes fat – You thought she was a little plus sized but now that you married her, you think she is fat, not even plumb and those rolls of fat cause you sleepless nights.

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