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Which is more beautiful? Car or....
[URL=][Image: 113457xcitefunwhichismo.jpg][/URL]
[URL=][Image: 113451xcitefunwhichismo.jpg][/URL]
[URL=][Image: 113452xcitefunwhichismo.jpg][/URL]
[URL=][Image: 113453xcitefunwhichismo.jpg][/URL]
[URL=][Image: 113454xcitefunwhichismo.jpg][/URL]
[URL=][Image: 113455xcitefunwhichismo.jpg][/URL]
[URL=][Image: 113456xcitefunwhichismo.jpg][/URL]
a girl with me not with car lolz
I think a girl is too much Beautiful not on;y beautiful
I think a girl is too much Beautiful not only beautiful
I think car. A very wide reason is behind that. Girl is your companion only for good time but, the car is real companion for every time no matter it is good or bad. so i like the car.
Car and girl both... but girl toooo

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