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2 & 4 seat convertible car - funchit - 04-13-2010

It's adorable

[URL=][Image: image001dh.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: image002hk.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: image003ul.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: image004fm.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: image005lu.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: image006igo.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: image007ge.jpg][/URL]

RE: 2 & 4 seat convertible car - Dine - 08-13-2010

Wow! this is very nice car I had ever seen this before in my life especially for its convertible system of two and four seats. Anyway I don’t know about its durability and any other eccentric functions of the car. Nevertheless we can use [url=]Tonneau Cover[/url] to prolong its life from various kinds of hazard such as snow, rain and dust. I have nothing to say more about this car because this car itself reveals many things.