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The crippling effect: Arthritis - Crouse15 - 01-29-2011

The World is under the seige of crippling effect of Arthritis. The old and the young are all under threat. The main reason for this condition are the deteriorating effect of old age, obesity, harsh manual labour, traumas and infection of joints.The different forms of arthritis seek for diferent kinds of medical assistance. Opting for Integrative Medicinal method can transform the life of a person suffering from arthritis. The treatment format integrates scientific approach with ancient and ethnic medicine systems.

The physical therapy, medications to control pain, devices such as braces, crutches and splints and the last resort of surgery are recommended allopathic treatments but this discipline alone is unable to treat the medical syndrome. A Whole Medical System constituted of traditional and alternative treatment is of better help to the patient and hence knowing the different methods of the same discipline is to be known to treat the body holistically. Whole or Integrative medical system is based on specific theories and therapeutic measures.

In Arthritis, an Integrative method is used to stimulate the body's healing power back to action using small doses of Homeopathic dilutions. Diet and a lifestyle 'makeover' with herbs, massages, excercises is prescribed through Naturopathy to support the body's self-heal technique. Ayurveda helps unify and balance body, mind and soul to prevent as well as treat arthritis through massage, [url=]ayurvedic herbs[/url] and diet, and Yogasana. The inclusion of the Chinese medicine in form of massages, herbs and acupuncture is used to restore the balance and energy flow.