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Full Version: Do not try at home
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downhill skateboarding

[Image: 112545xcitefundownhills.jpg]
Very nice picture...
Thank you...

how does he controls it?
Very Nice.......

(08-06-2010, 03:27 AM)ximike888 Wrote: [ -> ]I think is a pretty threat of things, even though you are technology, but it is dangerous to us.

There are lots of things which we should not try at home. Especially with electronic appliances, as it might turn out to be deadly for you. So always take care of yourself while dealing with electronic accessories at home.
Yes.Many of the things we shall be very careful while doing at home especially children.Playing dangerous games etc.

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Well we should need to avoid from some games that might cause an injury or sometimes a person may lose his life too . Wrestling is one of them which should not be done at home .