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Full Version: Men do stare at women's bosom :study
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Men do stare on women's bosom Confusedtudy

adies complaining that men talk to their bosoms instead of looking at their face are not without a point, for researchers have discovered that nearly half of men first stare at women''s chest when they first meet.

Experts at the New Zealand-based University of Wellington found that 47 per cent of men first gaze at the breasts, while another third at a woman''s waist or hips.

"Eighty per cent of first fixations were on the breasts and midriff. Men spent consistently more time looking at the breasts and also made significantly more fixations upon them than other regions," the Sun quoted the study as saying.

Interestingly, less than 20 per cent met the woman's eye while looking at her face.

Scientists believe: "Men may be looking more often at the breasts because they are simply aesthetically pleasing, regardless of the size."

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