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Full Version: Don't Take Panga... lol
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Kuttey ke Saath

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[Image: monkey_owns_dog.gif]
Murgi ke saath

[Image: 906a125dcab61ae502335276251b9f52.gif]
Khudke Kapde ke saath


[Image: XmKvl.gif]
With Raging Hormones


[Image: Kid_hides_hardon.gif]
With A self Obssessed Man . .

[Image: Soccer_goal_celebration.gif]

If he can applaud himself here . . socho . . where else he can . . in the kitchen . . in the bathroom . . on the bed
ith a ghusse wala person . . kahin bhi pohonch ke maar sakta hai . . jaise ke chickoo rockstar

[Image: 332xobs.gif]
With people who like Rock Music. . kahin bhi shuru ho jaate hain dekho . ..

[Image: heavymetalcampfire.gif]
With Bobby DArling Ke rishtedaar

[Image: overcome.gif]
With Shahrukh Khan ka Kutta . . KutteDilwaale kahin se bhi dulhaniya le jaayenge. . . . raaj and simran effect

[Image: Dog_jumps_carwindow.gif]
With overenthusiastic fathers . .

[Image: 2nuinih.gif]