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Full Version: Do you dream of snakes?
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Dreaming of snakes can mean from good to bad omen! The snake with a voluptuous body, cold and poisonous image. She is the Messenger of devil, destroyer of the world and protector of Shiva. The serpent can also be seen as the god of death and bed of Vishnu with the beauty of revenge or saint of calamities.

The snake or serpent member of Ophidia referring to a class of elongated limbless, scaly, and carnivorous venomous reptile. She has an illusionary image of Aesop with a forked tongue, no eyelids or external ears and most of the time wretched as well as ungrateful.
With a clean and elegant body which is no mistake of nature but beauty of yen. Taking from the Greek mythology to Indian one, the serpent has different symbolic meanings. The common aspect of snakes in different beliefs is symbol of life, death and rebirth. Snakes representing devil is no secret at the same time it soothe the vishaka in Shiva’s throat (Hindu God). Symbol of savior and destruction this makes the snake unreachable. Lord Shiva is associated with snakes, when he drinks the poison kalakudu from snake Vasuki mouth to avoid earth destruction. Thus, the serpent around Shiva neck represents endless cycle of birth and regeneration.

Try to feel the cold movement of the serpent around your body, a feeling of intense desire and fear. The snake is a symbolic entity and snake dreams arouse the desire to find a deep meaning to circumstances in life.

A Snake dream is difficult to interpret because the person background and culture should be traced back. Not everyone is lucky to dream of snakes; you should be able to merge you soul with the one of the snake in the dream. Interpretations of snake dreams will vary from terror to wisdom and fear to peace. There are so many interpretations among the various cultures concerning serpent dreams.

Snake dream as a symbol of fear

A number of people have inborn fear of snakes. It may be interpreted as fear of previous birth. The psychological fear will then be inborn, and the extreme case will be fear at the small sight of the snake photo. When such people dream about snakes, it will be interpreted as a bad omen. It will represent the announcement of a bad news or catastrophe to happen. Viewed from a positive point of view it can the dream can act as a system alert to prevent upcoming bad events.

Snake dream as a symbol of control

The dream can include someone who controls a snake. This can be represented as a warning, someone trying to control you and playing a mind game. It is an alert for you to remain cautious in your environment. Such dreams are also interpreted as an aspect of your inner self or someone in your environment with strong wisdom and strength to you. It means that you have the required strength to overcome dangers. Thus, you are as strong as the snake and its entity and you make one whole universe. On the same line the snake in Shiva neck represents ego when controlled can be used as an ornament. Such dreams act as your subconscious alarm to control your ego.

Snake dream as a symbol of temptation

According to Judeo Christian cultures, the snake is symbol of temptation or a barrier against achievement of a goal. Based from Bible, Satan tempts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in the form of a serpent. It can be interpreted as a test concerning your resistance against negative temptation. Another way to interpret such dreams is about a warning that your enemies are trying to trap you in a web.

Snake dream as a symbol of wisdom

Snake culture is represented as a symbol of wisdom in Asian, Native American and Egyptian culture. Snake wisdom is in form of earthy knowledge example medicines, mathematics, literature or science. Snake dreams can be represented as problem solving; it means your actual dilemma will be solved in coming days. Blessed are those who dream of snakes in such a context.

Snake dream as a symbol of new beginning

For Native American tribes, shedding of snake skins is linked with the beginning of a new life and beginning. Dreams are interpreted as the beginning of new start for example, new born baby, admission in college or beginning of a new business. Snake especially cobras are said to carry “Mani” rubies in their head and it is served as lamp for the beginning of a new start.

Snake dream as a symbol of death

Snake dream are often announcement of people who are dying or someone who has lost a loved one. In such dreams the snakes are normally calm and peaceful, you can even move your hand to caress them. The snake in Shiva neck represents a bowstring, an arm to kill your enemy.

Snake dream as a symbol of medicine

Snake dream can be interpreted as a symbol of medicine which is a connection between the earth and heaven. It is represented by therapeutic symbol of Roman God of Medicine. Such dreams are sign of recovery from an illness.

Snake dream as a symbol of sexual nature

Snake ordeal is an important signal about you sexual life. It can be seen as a temptation, you are attracted to someone and you cannot reveal your feelings can results in snake dreams. You have some hidden desires in your heart and cannot express. Snakes dreams can be interpreted as betrayal towards your partner, you are betraying or she is betraying you. Lack of sex in your couple or an overdose of action.

Snake dreams have different symbolic meaning based upon the individual culture and background. The last resort to elucidate a dream is to try lucid dreaming, a simple way to manipulate or master your dreams.
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