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Full Version: Best Sports Person of the World? (vote now)
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Best sports person in the world?


1.cristiano ronaldo

2.shahid afridi(my choice)

3.Sachin Tendulkar

4.roger federer

5.rafael nadal

6.tiger woods

7.steven gerrard



2.shahid afridi(my choice)

Tongue Clap
Afridi apni jaan hai Hyper
Clapsachin cricket ka god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOD of cricket-----SHACHIN
ximike2 I am not agree with your statement, Shahid Afridi is not best Sports Persons of the World According to me i think that Tiger woods is the best Sports person of the world.
Steffi Graf
Guys,,,,Although there are so many sports personalities in the world but I would like to share best sports personalities as below

Tiger woods
Shahid Afridi
Roger Federer
Cristiano Ronaldo
cristiano ronaldo
shahid afridi
roger federer
rafael nadal