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Full Version: Re: How to Dress in Women's Professional Attire
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1. Wear a suit. Nothing says professional like a conservative suit. You need something in navy, black or gray with a traditional notched collar jacket and cuffed trousers or a straight skirt. You may stray from these three colors, but keep the suit dark. When choosing a suit, consider whether a man in your office would wear a suit just like it.
2. Pair a suit with a white blouse. To keep the look professional, put a white or off-white blouse with a dark suit. Stick with basic cotton button-down blouses without ruffles or other embellishments.
3. Combine a dress with a jacket. A dress can be professional if paired with a suit jacket.
4. Style hair conservatively. A professional woman's hair does not provide distraction to herself or anyone else. Long hair should be pulled back or put up and secured in place. Short hair should be neatly styled out of the face.
5. Choose jewelry carefully. Too much or too big jewelry could take the professional edge off of your look. A wristwatch and wedding rings are acceptable and one pair of non-dangling earrings.