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Full Version: New technology is rising
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A new technology is rising which may change the way people communicate with each other. This upcoming technology is called Body Area Network (BAN).

This technology is about to be implemented in medical domain and then in military domain. Using this technology an authority person can keep track of the people who have been implanted with small communicating device.You can find more information about it on Google.

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I have heard about B.A.N before. It is still running in some parts as to keep track on the health of the patient. After some years the B.A.N will be used to see the employees' work in a company. Being in a group of [url=]Payroll Providers Guelph[/url] I 'm certain that this technology, if comes in business field, will increase the total throughput and eventually increase the profit of the business too. I can't wait to see that technology fully functional in every part of our daily life. Thank you for letting us know about it. Cool