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Full Version: What soldiers eat on the battlefield
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jungle survival exercises from Thailand, as US marines and Thai navy officers understand the science of survival, not just as a theory but as a practical reality.
Catch the actions as these thoroughbred soldiers learn how to wriggle out of whatever tight spot they may find themselves in the future, as far as food is concerned.Taught how to gulp down a few deadly scorpions, wriggling lizards and bulky frogs, these soldiers have no fear. "Yuck," you may say, but it's "Yum!" for these tough guys!

A US Marine eats a scorpion during a jungle survival exercise with the Thai Navy, as part of the "Cobra Gold" joint military exercise in Thailand.

[Image: E3C87A6E7EFF9E27741FD8DD08015.jpg]

A US Marine drinks the blood of a cobra during a jungle survival exercise.

[Image: 2E6E9D54EA661E75C3DB53562FD.jpg]

[Image: 62A2CFA8DFDBCF22B80F79BA9C9F1.jpg]

[Image: A52EB12FC23F339388C4BF26B369E9.jpg][Image: 2CBADB6E1A11FD17718DC852ADCA7.jpg][Image: 9B7E84FA6B58CF9599514D15DB41A.jpg]

A US Marine smiles as he eats a frog.

[Image: 523D5F99BEFC06B2AE3F61332D4F5.jpg]

[Image: B7E66BF46E838CCF94BA2765CEF7.jpg][Image: 40FF8BB84FF3CDA603E774C0C5.jpg]
[Image: 146489DBC62C27BFDF386F6351C1C5.jpg][Image: 5E5D49224AE0DE5F6F7A5F83858FC.jpg]

[Image: A0576492C9727CDA24709A333561BA.jpg]

A US Marine wears the skin of a cobra around his head and holds its entrails between his teeth during a jungle survival program.

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[Image: 7B98AC3F8EA69F1EA4ABDA14A847C.jpg]

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this is not good
That all are brave man and i respect them...that's cool...