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Full Version: Worldwide Death Facts
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Interesting Worldwide Death Facts

High School Football kill 20 people annually.
[Image: crazy_ways_die_01.jpg]

Bathtubs kill 340 people annually.
[Image: crazy_ways_die_03.jpg]

Vending Machines kill 13 people annually.
[Image: crazy_ways_die_04.jpg]
Lighting kill 10,000 people annually.
[Image: crazy_ways_die_05.jpg]

Roller Coasters kill 6 people annually.
[Image: crazy_ways_die_06.jpg]

Sharks kill 5 people annually.
[Image: crazy_ways_die_07.jpg]

Texting kill 6,000 people annually.
[Image: crazy_ways_die_08.jpg]

Hippos kill 2,900 people annually.[Image: crazy_ways_die_09.jpg]
Airplanes kill 1,200 people annually.[Image: crazy_ways_die_10.jpg]
Volcanoes kill 845 people annually.[Image: crazy_ways_die_11.jpg]
Autoerotic Asphyxiation kill 600 people annually.[Image: crazy_ways_die_12.jpg]
Falling out of bed kill 450 people annually.[Image: crazy_ways_die_14.jpg]

Deer kill 130 people annually.[Image: crazy_ways_die_15.jpg]
Obesity kill 30,000 people annually.[Image: crazy_ways_die_02.jpg]