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Full Version: India Vs pakistan Cricket One day: Who wins?
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India vs Pakistan on September 26 at Centurion.
It’s considered to be one of the most exciting encounters of the tournament.

Indian’s have come into this tournament with high spirits after winning the Compaq Cup triangular series in Srilanka.

On the other hand, injured Pakistan captain Younis Khan has already said earlier that he is eagerly waiting for the encounter against India in the Champions Trophy.

[Image: 82017.jpg]

So are you ready for the ultimate encounter? Who will win? How are you going to enjoy this Big game?
India and Pakistan cricket match is always hot and full of excitement, so if you're interested in watching one more game like this then do not forget to watch the encounter against India in the Champions Trophy. Now the question will always be there who is going to win. Lets see dear fate favours whom.
i am always with the Pakistan Cricket team and i hope in the World Cup Matches Paksitan will Play well and will win the Cricket World Cup 2011 Easily . and i am also expecting that the [url=]Bangladesh Cricket[/url] Team will perform well and will give the tuff time to the opposition.
Well guys it is not just favoritism but we should talk and rely on the facts and this is that both teams are stronger so any one can win.Here is a probability of both games but most appropriate that Pakistan can win.
Cool i think it will be more tough to say about any team...
This match was very tough and it was difficult to guess that who will win?