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I'm known for my sexy image : Sophie Chaudhary
[Image: 19oysg.jpg]

Sophie Chowdry has come a long way since her MTV days.

The veejay is setting Bollywood on fire with her sexy moves in films like Pyaar Ke Side Effects, Kidnap, Aa Dekhen Zara and now, Daddy Cool. She has a guest appearance in this Friday's release Chintu-ji as well.

In a fun chat with Rediff readers on Thursday, Sophie spoke candidly about the events of her life. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired:

prasoom asked, Hey sop... wats up??? So what is ur next project? R u gonna do any serious film?

Sophie Chowdry answers, Prasoom, how are you? Well I have a lovely film releasing called Chintu-ji. Mine is a guest appearance but it's a fabulous film and I hear the recent screening got a standing ovation! Please see it!

jish asked, hi sophie, what made you do 'daddy cool', was it your character or overall start cast?

Sophie Chowdry answers, It was the overall project -- nice starcast, great banner. I grew up watching Inder Kumar films and wanted to work with them. The script was funny and I felt my character Ayesha would stand out. I would get to play someone not just sexy but very cute and funny too. The response has been great for my work so I'm glad I did it.

hisophie asked, Hi Sophie, sometime ago, I saw a pic of you in a magazine. You were in a semi transparent top. Do you think it was a morphed image?

Sophie Chowdry answers, Hi there. I have seen so many morphed images of mine and its shocking and disgusting! I'm known for my sexy and glam image but one thing is for sure -- I carry myself with a lot of class and style and would never do anything vulgar or cheap. Maxim was super sexy but sensual and classy. That's why I did it. Thank you all for the compliments

ali asked, hey sophie..any planz cumin to australia

Sophie Chowdry answers, G'day mate! (oops, sorry but I grew up watching Neighbours and Home and Away!) Would love to go to Australia. Hopefully after the release of my new album in October!
[Image: e6r9mt.jpg]

Krishna asked, Hi Sophie.... Daddy cool is really cool! Can we expect any other good movies of yours?

Sophie Chowdry answers, I'm so glad you liked the movie. I think it's great timepass and a fun film. Chintu-ji is also an amazingly cute comedy with Rishi Kapoor. Later this year I have Sanjay Gupta's Alibaug. After Daddy Cool I'm getting a lot of calls, touch wood! So hopefully you will see more of me in movies!

Krishna asked, I loved all you shows on MTV... will you be still continuing the same? Please don't stop :-)

Sophie Chowdry answers, I loved being a VJ on MTV. It was awesome but now television has changed. Everyone is hosting random reality shows. I didn't really want to do that at this point so focussing on films and music. I became a VJ to interact with the youngsters and to talk about music not to interview youngsters with an attitude wanting to be reality stars!

Baleshwar asked, Hi sophie... r u Indian? Married? Your next movie?

Sophie Chowdry answers, Married? Naaaaaahhhhhhhhiiiiiinnnn! Not yet and hopefully not for a bit longer. Single and loving it. I was born in London but yes am 100 percent desi!

chetan sharma asked, why u have opted for singing career, as i know u r good in yr studies

Sophie Chowdry answers, I always tell youngsters that the best days are your college days -- the masti, the learning --.that's the time your personality gets shaped. I loved studying but singing and acting are my passion. I graduated from LSE in politics and French and now I'm living my dream!

danny asked, wnh i saw u any flim others heroin r fail front of u

Sophie Chowdry answers, Thank you, Danny. That's very sweet of you. Hopefully I will get better and better! Look out!
[Image: 256tkwg.jpg]

ajay asked, Hi spohie I am a big fan of yours. Why is it that you had stopped launching music albums. I am a big fan of your music and we all loved your last album.

Sophie Chowdry answers, Thank you so much. I'm dying for you all to hear my new album. I stopped making an album because I did not want to do another remix after Ek Pardesi. So for the last 18 months I have spent time developing my album. Then I recorded in London with Rishi Rich in Mumbai with Bappa Lahiri and Gaurav Dasgupta (Aa Dekhen Zara music) and even in Dubai. Now I have an album I'm very proud of and you will all get to hear it in October!

zena asked, Hi, Im zena from Italy. I used to read the magazine eastern eye when you were writing in it. That was my favourite section of the magazine. Do you miss the UK?

Sophie Chowdry answers, Ciao zena, come stai tutto va bene anche io parlo italiano ma solo un poco ho dimenticato tutto! Haha grazie mille. I don't miss the UK too much because I go back very often. I just miss my little niece and nephew, the cleanliness and peace and quiet. But Mumbai has given me so much -- love, respect, name, fame I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Gosh that column used to be fun to write!

jiju asked, who are your favourite actors in bollywood?what do you enjoy more singing or acting?

Sophie Chowdry answers, There are too many actors I love from Big B, to Rishi Kapoor, Aamir, SRK. There is something to learn from each one. I even adore Priyanka. As for me, I love being an all round entertainer. I think I'm blessed to have the opportunities I have so why shouldn't I act, sing and dance? Hain na?
[Image: 2dlougw.jpg]

sophiesbiggestfan asked, hia sophie, whats your fitness mantra?

Sophie Chowdry answers, Well, I think that size zero is absolute rubbish even though I'm at my thinnest and fittest now. I believe in having a healthy mind and body so I work out five times a week. I love salsa and other dance forms which are great exercise and even though I'm a complete foodie, I try to eat healthy. That doesn't mean I stay away from dessert though! Oops! But seriously workout and eat healthy to stay fit not to be skinny.

tarunphd asked, hi sophie i wish u all the success and want to see u in as many films as possible. what kind of roles u like most?

Sophie Chowdry answers, Hi! So far my favourite role was in Pyaar Ke Side Effects. I love the character of Tanya because she was so real, strong, sexy but with all her fundas absolutely sorted out. I would love to play more 'real' characters and also I'm an absolute tragedy queen at home so would love to do an emotional role. I guess that's how you will find me in Sanjay Gupta's film Alibaug!

ashok asked, hi Sophie, you are truly beautiful and sexy.I would like to see some serious acting in bollywood soon. All the best for your projects.

Sophie Chowdry answers, Thanks so much Ashok. Yup,.looking forward to entertaining you all with better films and more music. Cheers!
nice shots again

thanks FUNCHIT

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