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The Barrett .50 M82A1 and M-107 fires a very powerful rifle bullet, the Browning Machine Gun ( BMG ) .50 Caliber. This cartridge has been the "bread and butter" bullet of the US Military since before the Second World War and its a cartridge that's here to stay.

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The bullet head is ½ inch in diameter whilst the length of the cartridge is 5.45 inches, which makes the powerful 5.56 NATO bullet or the most widely used 7.62mm for the AK-47, look rather tame by comparison

[URL=][Image: light50explain.jpg][/URL]

Some technical specifications.

Weight loaded: 31Lb. Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds. Magazine weight loaded: 4.12Lb. Length: 57 Inches (4foot 7 in) Barrel length: 29inches (2foot 3in) Muzzle velocity: 2850 fps (853 M/s) with 600 grain bullet. Maximum range: 6,800 meters. Maximum effective accurate range 2000 meters.

The very first Barrett 50 was designated the M82 or Model of 1982 when it was first created. Its development continued until 1986 where an improved model the M82A1 came onto the scene. It was in 1990 that the US army adopted this rifle and it is still with them today.

The Barrett Light 50 as it is more commonly called, is a semi-automatic and recoil operated rifle, with unique recoil absorption systems incorporated that allow the barrel to slide back much the same as a Howitzer cannon. This system is to save damage to the rifle and indeed the the person firing it.

There is also a muzzle brake fitted that allows the gases to vent sideways and this also helps to keep the recoil down to a minimum.

[URL=][Image: 26796181.jpg][/URL]

The telescopic sight is fitted as standard but the rifle also incorporates fold down iron sights as a back up incase the scope gets damaged in the field of operations.

[URL=][Image: 23208667.jpg][/URL]

Below are some images of the .50 Caliber cartridge shown approximately to actual size.

[URL=][Image: 40776180.jpg][/URL]

There are many different bullet compositions and styles for the Barrett M82A1. Below are shown from left to right:

High Velocity Aluminum tipped 'spitzer

Copper Jacketed Soft Point

standard Full Metal Jacket

High velocity Pointed 'spitzer' FMJ

Full Brass turned bullet.

[URL=][Image: 73812359.jpg][/URL]

The Governor of California, USA, Arnold Schwarzenegger decided that the Barrett .50 caliber was too dangerous to be owned by civilians and he promptly banned its sale for private ownership.Only the Military can buy this gun in California. At present there are still 49 states in the USA that can legally sell them to private individuals, who must be over the age of 18 with no criminal record, they cannot then however 'export' them into California as its not just the gun itself that's banned, its the ownership of one as well.

[URL=][Image: 15870181.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: 60466443.jpg][/URL]

Barrett .50 was first used in actual combat by American Forces in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. The Rifle was often used to shoot at targets over a 1000 meters away with great and lethal accuracy.

Below is a photo of Master Sergeant Tanya Breed as she sights up the Barrett .50 caliber during a demonstration at Hurlburt Field, Florida, USA. The Barrett .50's power and accuracy was demonstrated to students from the US Air Force Special Operations School on a Dynamics of International Terrorism course.

[URL=][Image: 27883044.jpg][/URL]

A brick or a concrete wall that is about 1 or even 2 foot thick also offer no protection and can be shot clean through. Mobile or static radio trucks, parked up airplanes engines, buildings, fuel depots, rail tank cars, machine gun 'pill-boxes', bullet proof limo's, trucks, body armor clad enemy soldiers are all easy prey to the Barrett .50

The graph below shows the resistance that modern super strong laminated bullet proof glass can give. As you will notice, the .50 caliber Browning round, fitted with an Armor Piercing bullet will go clean through this medium by a clear factor of two, @ 3½ inches ! Even the standard .50 cal Browning will still penetrate 2 inches of bullet proof glass and beats all the competition.


[URL=][Image: 18529528.gif][/URL]

[URL=][Image: barrethit2.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: 63395514.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: m50hole2.gif][/URL]
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