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Free FLV Converter 6.6.4
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Free FLV Converter 6.6.4
License model :
Limitations :
Not available
Operating systems :
Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7
Additional requirements :
Not available

Reviewed by: CNET Staff

Lightweight and effective, this program is a great way to convert video files from Flash formats into something useful beyond Web pages. Specializing in formats meant for portable devices, Free FLV Converter also supports AVI and can download embedded SWF or FLV vids directly from the Internet when you punch in the URL.

The app can also perform local searches for vids as well as convert to FLV. Hitting either conversion tab will automatically open a file browser so you can choose your victim. From there, a conversion window opens up, and you can change the basics such as settings, including output format, quality, and destination directory, as well as more advanced options like the codec, aspect ratio, and the frame rate. Tap convert at the bottom of the window when you're ready, and the Free FLV Converter works smoothly and without interfering with other programs.

Free FLV Converter does have one annoyance: When you install it, be sure to opt out of the Dealio toolbar. It's no more than a minor drawback, though, and doesn't cause problems later on. Seeing as how the app ran smoothly in the background, it's definitely a must-use piece of freeware.


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