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1 Amazing shortcut for computer screen
1 Amazing shortcut for computer screen

If you press "ctrl+alt+down arrow" Idea you will find your computer screen different than usual.

Try this now to have fun.

To go back in previous press "ctrl+alt+up arrow"

Please comment about it and use share button below to share it

funchit i have tried but no effects found...
(12-16-2009, 05:58 PM)zahid1981 Wrote: funchit i have tried but no effects found...

Desktop -> Right click
go to "Properties"
click on "settings"
click on "Advanced"
go to "graphics driver"
click on "graphics properties"
click on "rotation"

if you can't find it then it must be difference between your graphics card
Its really awesome. I do it with my friend computer and after that he see his all desktop screen is rotated and the icon goes down side. Its really amazing. I don't know about that before. thanks for sharing this.

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