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A Bouquet of 10,000 ROSES for this lucky Woman
Once a small truck stopped near the women's dormitory, 4 guys carried a huge bouquet of 10 000 red roses, brought him inside and drove away. The girl, who received the flowers, was very happy, but could not understand from whom they were on the card was addressed to the sender. One thing is clear, that anonymous is very rich, this bouquet is big money. and he loves this girl very dearly........... seems to be a FAIRY TALE LOVE STORY..............

[Image: tn7876641.jpg]

[Image: rozi0027877081.jpg]

[Image: rozi0037878319.jpg]

[Image: rozi0047878915.jpg]

[Image: rozi0077881103.jpg]
Oh this is so sweet, this like on a fairy tale. This is one of a life time experience.

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its called the true love ...


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