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The lucky guy of the day
The landslide destroyed a bridge in the Chinese province of Sichuan.
The driver of the truck who you’ll see later in the post was very lucky. A couple more centimeters and ...

[URL=][Image: hv2jo9is33me6q1x09gg.jpg][/URL]

[URL=][Image: uwqqir1v7evht8fuxbvu.jpg][/URL]

^ yes, you are right but he escaped death soUndecided
OMG!!! That was a fatal accident to occur. Confused It was God's grace upon the driver that he went through this accident. The picture speaks for itself about the situation the driver might have been in, just after the accident. Undecided
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i pray for the betterness of his health but drive safetly next time ..
and carefully

On, last day at early morning one student of ridding bike fastens and his bike is slipping. In silently environment is made loude by bike slipping noise. Also a boy is some off slipping with it's bike but he safe. his on left leg injured but he is safe.

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