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New Auto-Rikshaw From TVS India
New Auto-Rikshaw From TVS

[URL=][Image: autorikshawtvs01.jpg][/URL]
[URL=][Image: autorikshawtvs02.jpg][/URL]
[URL=][Image: autorikshawtvs03.jpg][/URL]
Very Nice,.................
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It's look very nice, colour is very nice passenger can fill very relax during journy time and easily want where they decided sitting belt is also good facility provided, sitting area is very comfortable.and also like we can sit in car in monsoon we are also safe from rain.
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Travel had become an important part of our life .we go everything
daily different sources for example we travel in car buses and van etc. I saw a new auto rickshaw form TVs India’s. I
went to market in auto rickshaw. Auto rickshaw looks very nice. I feel
auto rickshaw provide good facility and sitting area is very comfortable.
It is wonderful auto rickshaw of India and also famous vehicle in the country.

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