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Signs She Likes You!
Signs She Likes You!

1. She cares for you:

[Image: concern.jpg]

No doubt, care is always offered by family members, friends and old timers but when SHE says that “It’s so cold and why ain’t you wearing your jacket” or “why are you looking ill, haven’t slept last night” (often she cares even more than your mother), then man….she’s unquestionably in love with you. Beyond the normal civility, this is her boundless love.
2. Her eyes set on you and only you:

[Image: eye-contact.jpg]

Goddamn, now she’s is paying full attention on you. If her eyes are totally focused on you while conversation, then congrats bro, it clearly indicates that she is genuinely thinking about you. And she is actually on your radar, when she is licking her lips while deep-eye contact.
3. She exposes the every single thing of her life:

[Image: talking.jpg]

It’s a stereotype that girls are emotional by nature and also, they can’t sustain the pain. But champ, they are master in ventilating their sentiments according to circumstances. But whenever, she reveals her private life then make sure that she trusts you and feel secure as you’re something very valuable for her.
4. She touches you often:

[Image: touch.jpeg]

Okay, gals are not so different from boys (apart from spare anatomical characteristics and a bit better odor) and they also let themselves go. She often leans towards you as the tower of Pisa and yeah, she may be ahead enough to call you for a nightcap. However, there can be minimal risk of rejection but grab the chance and move ahead for the kill.
5. She likes spending time with you:

[Image: dating.jpg]

There is no big deal if she wants to meet you nearly everyday to spend some quality time with you. I bet, if she is interested in you then she’ll never decline your offer for outing (she’s not like a tigress searching for flesh). C’mon brat, secure your future plans as this one is the perfect fortune to make a move.
6. If you’re with other girls she gets jealous:

[Image: jealous.jpg]

“Why were you talking with her, I hate that b**ch.” No need to worry man, jealousy is the inborn disease in women and also they are extremely offensive in nature. Dude, she can’t ever allow someone else to pay attention on you, which she possesses. The attitude of jealousy hints that you’re important for her and she’s afraid of losing you.
7. She admires you often:

[Image: admire.jpg]

This statement has now commuted in an international norm. ” that your bike, I really love your hair, you know you smell heavenly”. Oh, knock off the BS and get to the point directly. Life is full of ironical s**t and still she wants to hop in, then probably it’s a romantic connotation. And if you’re still confused, then move ahead and follow the dialogue of Al Pacino from ‘Scent of a Woman’ – Remember, when in doubt…..f**k.
8. She laughs at your stupid jokes:

[Image: she-laughs.jpg]

Definitely, she is trying to connect a string when she laughs at all your crappy stories and stupid jokes with her entire body (her giggles are often animated). Your success rate is increasing exponentially because she’s going to laugh at anything you say. Dude, check it out once again that why is she laughing? She likes you, you’re spicy, you have something in your teeth or just because she don’t want you to feel bad. But speaking honestly, you should not look for any logic in it because she is actually obsessed by your magical effect.

9. Inquires about your personal life:

[Image: she-love-me.jpg]

However, a gentlewoman never asks and a gentleman never says but prepare yourself to confront some straight shots such as “dating history” or “previous girlfriend.” Awww….what should you do now..ignore/next/forget her? Mate, if she is digging your childhood, education, family or important things that occurred in your life, then it’s a straightforward signal that she is interested in your future’s deal.
10. The SMS game:

[Image: SMS-messaging-a-girl.jpg]

Everyday, frequently, in fact, twice in hour…..S**t man, you’re trapped and can’t hide your a** at any cost. She wants to trespass the limit of friendship with PERSONALIZED messages. “You know, today I went to blah-blah restaurant to eat blah-blah and it was soooo delicious, what have you been doing, good luck for your exam, ok time to sleep…night night.” Should I respect her emotion or should I play with them…Dude, the ball is in your court.
interesting information ... Smile
But this kind of t hings dont happen after some time, like admiring and touchiong and spending time etc etc ...
people close to you get bored of you often.
Knut !!!
Nice thread having interesting information. thanks

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