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Funny Facts about Mr.Bean
Funny Facts about Mr.Bean

[Image: mrbeanf.jpg]
ho says you can't communicate without words? Mr. Bean almost never talks, though he sure make a lot of weird sounds!

[/SIZE]ave you ever noticed that Mr. Bean doesn't have any ankles? We're amazed that he can walk without leaving his feet behind!


Mr. Bean's head is about half the size of his entire body. If he were a real person, he'd probably topple over!

r. Bean is clearly all grown up, but he still has a teddy bear-Teddy! Teddy is his best friend, chess opponent, and sometimes partner in crime. Teddy was once kidnapped, but he was rescued by Mr. Bean!

r. Bean has a sort-of girl friend called Irma Gobb who has red hair and looks like a librarian. She usually comes over and stays for dinner, and sometimes they go out on dates.

o Mr. Bean, a car isn't a car unless it has four wheels. Ther's a light blue car with only three wheels that drives Mr. Bean crazy, and whenever he sees it on the road, he goes out of his way to chase it. He'd be glad to rid the roads of England of that blue three-wheeled car forever!

ike Mr. Bean, Teddy also has a sort-of girlfriend, Irma Gobb's teddy bear, which wears a pink bow on its head. Whenever Irma's around, she brings her teddy to play and keep Mr. Bean's Teddy company.

he lime green mini with a black hood is Mr. Bean's beloved car. He's wanted a small car ever since he was a boy , and when he was a teenager he tried to build one out of egg cartons and coat hangers. Eventually he was able to buy this green car - for only &57! Who cares if it doesn't have an engine?

o matter what day it is, Mr. Bean always wears the same outfit, except when he competes in marathons and goes to the beach to catch some sun! Sometimes you'll see him in his robe after he takes a bath, but his brown coat and red tie. We wonder where he shops...


Mr. Bean sometimes gets to meet famous, infamous, and important people. He's already met the Queen of England, Hannibal Lecter, and Steve McQueen when he visited the Buckingham Palace once, and he met Hannibal Lecter and Steve McQueen when he went to jail (but it was only for a short time!).


Mrs. Wicket and Scrapper, her one-eyed cat that looks a lot like her, try their best to make life difficult for Mr. Bean. Their plans almost always backfire, though. Whew!


You might think that Mr. Bean is unique, and that's on Earth! There's another planet out there full of Mr. Beans and a group of them once visited Mr. Bean's neighborhood. They asked him to go back with them to their planet where he would be among people just like him, but he refused and decided to stay on earth with Irma. Aw! Isn't he the sweetest? :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock:

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